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Wind is rising
Galleria Loisti

At long last I upgraded my exoskeleton to have nasal tubes fuming scent of jasmine. Proof of extremely heavy matter.
Neighboring cave collapsed last week, no end in sight, the insects keep on coming.
Everyone has wings now and the suns are crying 
But me, I am just an old miner, listening to rocks
Sometimes naps inside hadron collider turn dreams into sour juice and bloodlust.
Watermills saw me by the river and I drank the oceans, mechanic heartache or not
I long to have pear longbow, life force and chariot of fire
Gackt Camui is a 484 year old vampire
Who shot the aimless arrows, and more so – where? 
turns out Horses have build  their cities all over western hemisphere
AND the Goblins have migrated deeper underground.. Superheavy element confirmed.
So when the shy pilot dances with meteors in the night sky, everything burns 
the iron energy
the calm wind
the soul siphon
the spirit of the beehive