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Selected works

Childish Fantasy
Galleria Loisti

Every place is mysterious
Every memory fabricated
Every scent opens the floodgates
There is strange magic in the air
Childish fantasy..

The exhibition explores the relationship between fantasy worlds and reality, as well as the present moment. The inhabitants of imaginary places navigate everyday life filled with beauty, threat, and possibilities.

Duo Exhibition of
Frans Nybacka & Niklas Sandberg 

Goblin Geology, Troll Romance 
Galleria Huuto

As a child, when I looked at a moss-covered stone wall full of holes and complex structures, I saw a breathtaking multi-layered city of tiny creatures, their homes and mines, gardens and paths, endless possibilities.

The Goblin Geology, Troll Romance exhibition features made-up places and their inhabitants. The works are based on the exciting feeling that there is something very small in a large and complex environment. Imagination influenced by video games produces images of fantastic worlds whose stagnant warmth invites you to join an adventure in front of something remotely familiar, yet unknown.

The places depicted in the paintings can be simultaneously seen from many different perspectives, revealing more than just one side of them. The two- and three-dimensional spaces meet instinctively, forming an incomplete thought of each place with room to grow and wander.

Frames by Patrick Kuoppamäki
Photos by Liina Aalto-Setälä

Works on paper